In 1947, Guers Dairy began pasteurizing the milk.
Guers Dairy's First Building
In 1948, growth required the Guers brothers to build a new facility. The new building was completed in 1949. Guers Dairy still remains at the same site today, flush against Tumbling Run Road, just east of Pottsville, PA. It was chosen because it was the worst section of land for farming.
Delivery trucks
In the late 1950s, Guers Dairy branched out from home deliveries and sold directly to its first ‘mom and pop’ store.

In 1960, 95% of Guers Dairy sales came from home deliveries. The number peaked to 15,000 customers. Only 5% of sales came from the wholesale customers.

In the mid-1960s, Guers Dairy introduced fruit drinks which included grape, fruit punch (formerly called “Jungle Juice”), lemonade, lemon-lime and orange drink. Grape and lemon-lime were later discontinued.

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