How do you pronounce Guers?
It is pronounced the same as the word ‘gears’.

Where can Guers Dairy products be found?
Guers Dairy is located along Tumbling Run Road, east of Pottsville, PA. Guers Dairy services schools, hospitals, nursing homes, convenience stores, grocery stores and super markets within a 35 mile radius.

Does Guers Dairy have plans to add any products?
Guers Dairy receives numerous requests for de-caffeinated diet iced tea. This is under consideration.

What makes Guers Iced Tea so unique?
Guers Dairy uses a specially blended tea powder, the finest grade of cane sugar and a natural mountain water supply.

How does Guers milk have such a full bodied flavor?
Our producers have a variety of Brown Swiss, Holstein and Jersey cows. This blend of the different herds makes our full bodied flavor.

What is rBST?
rBST (Rocombinant Bovine Somatatropin) is the synthetic version of the naturally occurring hormone BST (Bovine Somatatropin) produced by cows. The FDA has approved the use of rBST to increase milk production in dairy cows.

Is there a test for rBST?
Today, there is not a test for rBST. There is no difference in the molecular structure of rBST and BST.

What is Guers Dairy’s Quality Assurance Program?
Guers Dairy has required all of our producers to sign a pledge to not use the artificial growth hormone rBST. Guers Dairy works closely with our producers to assure they have the most sanitary and up to date equipment, plus the healthiest cows to ensure quality standards which exceed federal guidelines for purity and freshness.